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For over 15 years Roo Systems Australia has built an Australian wide network of over 50 Roo Systems Performance Centres. Making Roo Systems Australia the most reputable Diesel Performance Tuning business in Australia today. Testing and tuning Australian Vehicles to Australia’s harshest environmental conditions allows Roo to offer the industry-leading warranty and total satisfaction. BRISBANE - GOLD COAST - SYDNEY -MELBOURNE - PERTH - ADELAIDE -DARWIN

Why Roo Systems?


RSA has a Nationwide coverage giving peace of mind on your travels, repairs, service and warranty.


RSA continue to drive the research and development not only on all current makes and models, but previous tuning and practices are always having refinements and upgrades to make perfection.


RSA stands behind every product they sell and their dealers, so you know you are dealing with the best.

Roo Systems Australia in the News

Roo Talks EP3 – Chip Vs ECU Remap

Roo Talks EP3 – Chip Vs ECU Remap

                                     For those that believe that installing a Chip is better than a Remap. Roo Systems have just completed back to back test on a Non-DPF 79 series that had torque issues. The client wanted his 79 Series […]

THE $250,000 EXHAUST

THE $250,000 EXHAUST

How your exhaust system could cost you a lot more than you think.  Back to back dyno testing at Roo Systems HQ has shown no performance benefits to removing emissions systems. Emissions from vehicles have been linked to thousands of deaths per year in Australia in the elderly and young  At Roo Systems we’ve spent […]



Roo Systems is your one-stop Diesel Destination. And here’s why:  Want a killer camp setup and the power to pull it? Roo Systems has you covered on both fronts.   Sick of wasting money on the wrong 4WD tyres? Roo Systems can advise on the best options for grip or longevity.   The right camp setup to […]

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