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The Inside Scoop

The Inside Scoop

Forget the marketing tricks, here’s the warts and all truth from a Roo customer

We’ve been in this game for a long time. Over the years, we’ve tuned countless 4WDs from tow-tugs and tourers to hardcore weekend rigs. I reckon if we had to put a number on it it’d be in the realm of about 2000 4WDs every year coming into Roo Systems stock as a rock under the bonnet, and rolling back out a few hours later with better fuel economy, more power, and a whole heap more drivability to boot. Despite the occasional grumble on social media by someone with half the facts the reality is there’s an absolutely insane amount of 4WDs on the road right now with our gear under their bonnet and the owners are absolutely loving life. Every single one of them has done their research, ummed and ahhed about it for months on end, and then finally bit the bullet. It’s easy to get persuaded by all the marketing BS floating around online so we figured it was high-time we put you in touch with Dan Everett, one of our customers who’s just gone through the exact same process you’re about to. He’s had the same concerns, the same wants and needs, and more importantly, the same results you’ll get too. Head below to have a gander at what he’s got to say.


G’day, my name’s Dan Everett, and I’ve recently had my 2017 Ford Ranger 3.2L auto tuned by the guys at Roo Systems. Look before I get too carried away with how I’ve found things it’s important I’m up front and honest right from the outset. I work in 4WD media, write for a whole bunch of off-road magazines and have known the guys at Roo Systems on and off for years. Some might see that as a bit of bias, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite knowing Glen and Nic, the Ranger is still my own personal car. It hits me every month when the repayments come around, it takes my kids to school, my wife to uni, and allows me to do my job. Without it I’d be dead in the water so I’m always VERY nervous about doing any modification to it at all. The point is I didn’t go into this lightly. I’ve done my research, spoke to a whole bunch of shops, asked people who have gone through the same and ultimately came to the conclusion I trusted the guys knew what they were doing, and that I wouldn’t be kicked to the curb if something went wrong.

Now by no means was my Ranger underpowered to begin with. It’s got the biggest engine in its class and a reputation for being a bit lazy but with plenty of torque, kind of like the 200 Series LandCruiser’s I’d love to buy but could never afford. It had plenty of low-down grunt so never felt like it was struggling to go from a standing start and could move most camper trailers around with ease. The only real downside that I found, and something I’ve come across constantly in reviews, is there was no power when you put your foot down. Cruising along in 100km/h traffic was easy, trying to join it with a short merging lane was nerve wracking to say the least. It would also struggle a little on long hills when loaded up as well requiring a bit of planning before I did any overtaking. It wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I wouldn’t call it great either.

I spent a few months looking around at all the facts and figures of re-mapping, spent ages on the phone to the guys at Roo and decided their touring package with a DPF back exhaust was the winner for me. They reckoned it’d give me better performance at basically every speed, would keep the factory reliability (something I was very concerned about), and may even save me a little on fuel here and there. Most importantly by keeping the DPF system I wasn’t opening myself up to huge EPA fines if it ever went over the pits. Before pulling the trigger I eye’d off a few different shops who all seemed to know their stuff but the problem I kept coming across was they were always at least a few hours away, sometimes a full day’s drive. I was concerned if anything ever went wrong I’d be up for a huge tow-bill to get back to them that’d make the warranty essentially worthless. The Roo guys have a pretty big dealer network with shops close to home and near most of the 4WD places I travel to for work which put my mind at ease. If something did go wrong hopefully it wouldn’t be a huge issue.

When the upgrades were done I was in Queensland on a trip for Camper Trailer Australia magazine, hauling a few different trailers with different weights all across the hinterland up and down the mountain range. The first thing I noticed was how much better the throttle response was. Out of the box it was doughy and unresponsive, mash the pedal and wait for something to happen. After the re-map the throttle lag was entirely gone, it was quicker off the lights and smoother at low-speed stuff because I didn’t need to push the throttle past where I wanted it just to get it to move.

The real big improvement though was its increased torque at road speed. With a 1400kg camper hooked on the back it drove exactly how it used to unladen. I clocked up about 2000kms in the three days after the tune was done and had to keep reminding myself the campers were hitched up, it’d effortlessly overtake, I felt confident pulling out into traffic, and I actually found myself chasing down the photographer in his zippy little Corolla through the winding mountain roads as I hauled nearly 4T of tow-tug and trailer behind him. To be truthful I didn’t really notice a huge improvement in fuel efficiency. It’d sit around 9.8L/100km before the tune and would drop to as low as 9.6L/100km, now it sits around 9.7L/100km normally but I’ve seen it get down to the high 8s on occasion. After driving it back to back before and after the tune I would have been happy even if it was chewing more fuel, so a slight improvement is a huge win for me. It’s now punching out a little more torque than the single-turbo V8 Cruisers too, in something considerably lighter. I’m glad I weighed up my options before pulling the trigger, but I’ve since racked up another few thousand kays and am currently sitting in a truck stop just outside of Tamworth on another trip north with the Ranger working flawlessly. I wouldn’t describe it as fast, or high strung, but it now does things effortlessly that it used to struggle to do before. I’ve only got my own experience to go on, but for anyone sitting on the fence I can’t recommend it enough.

So there you have it, the honest, unbiased opinion of a 4WDing family man. No clever marketing tactics, no trick photography, just an honest performance upgrade to an every day 4WD where reliability is key. All across the country there’s countless other 4WDers like Dan all travelling the country with their own Roo enhanced vehicles, all of them quietly going about their day and loving how much more driveable their vehicle is. In a world where the Flat Earth Society has thousands of members you can find people who will disagree with literally anything, but they’re normally far outweighed by the silent and happy majority. Why not give us a call and find out for yourself.

DAN EVERETT – Husband, Father, Family Man, Camping Nut, 4×4 Fanatic & Freelance Journalist

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