Suspension Kits

Committed to supplying a variety of Suspension packages from Mild to Wild. Whether you’re touring around Australia, towing a caravan/work trailer or looking for an extreme off-roading solution we can customise a package to suit your needs. We source our Suspension components from a variety of reputable companies Australia wide.


EFS (Enhanced 4WD Systems) have many different suspension kits to suit your needs, whether towing, off-roading or carrying that extra load.
EFS is designed and developed in Australia, exceeding our performance expectations, EFS is not just a generic shock absorber but a fully integrated system combining springs, shocks and components that are matched through appropriate valving and rates to specific 4WD vehicles.


tough dog suspension

Tough Dog

Real-world testing was conducted by off-road racing legend Bruce Garland. This is what he had to say…
“From the moment we drove out of the fitting bay, I knew there something impressive underneath the Cruiser. They gave the Cruiser almost unmatched pitch balance front to rear that controlled the vehicle superbly where other shocks were simply unsettled.. They were able to soak up the uneven ground with ease without ever letting the vehicle skip across the track.. They gave a satisfying amount of confidence to the driver and always stayed predictable even across the roughest sections of track.. The balance of comfort inside the vehicle and driver control was ideal.. Soft enough to soak up the rough stuff, while remaining stiff enough to give you plenty of confidence behind the wheel”



Superior Engineering

Superior Engineering is known as being a hardcore 4×4 steering and Suspension Manufacturer. Since starting in 2002 we are manufacturing more products than ever before ranging from 4×4 Tie rods, 4×4 drag links, Suspension Lift Kits, 4×4 Panhard rods, 4×4 fuel tanks, 4×4 control arms, 4×4 radius arms, 4×4 super flex arms, lift kit, 4×4 Suspension, brackets, 4×4 accessories and 4×4 body protection.


airbag man logo

Airbag Man

Airbag Man is proudly Australian owned and operated since 1995.  In that time the company has been built on producing high quality, well-designed products and has grown in popularity mainly by word of mouth from many satisfied customers.



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