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Saber Offroad 4WD Recovery kits have been created to ensure that you will have everything that you need when you are performing your next recovery. With the mantra of Safer, Smarter, Stronger running through our veins, we have created a range of 4WD recovery kits.


The 4×4 Recovery kits range in both size and complexity allowing you to pick a solution that is best suited to your 4WD.

The base kits are going to ensure that you are able to connect a Kinetic Rope to both vehicles as long as they have suitable rated recovery points. If you have rated recovery points with square edges, make sure to get one of the Heavy Duty kits with the bound shackles. This will help ensure the longevity of the shackle and reduces the chance of failure.

Whether you are kitting yourself out for 4WD recovery for the first time or you are a seasoned pro, the Ultimate kits are going to be your go-to solution to ensure you have everything you need for almost any situation.


Bigger is not always better when it comes to Kinetic Energy Ropes and when selecting the kit, you should be looking for an option that is rated 2 – 3 x the weight of your vehicle.

Which Shackles you use is also an important decision. If you have rated recovery points that are not designed for Soft Shackles, your first port of call should be the Heavy Duty Kits. The Technora bound shackles are going to stand up to the harsher edges.


Batch tested in Australia to destruction.
It won’t let you down.

Putting our products through their paces in both the lab and out in the field is just one part of our safety story. Sabre designs mean we want to cut down weight and reduce risk to you. And that means, eliminating as much metal as possible from the recovery process. There have been way too many horror stories of broken bow shackles flying through the air after failing in a recovery situation and injuring (or much worse) drivers and/or bystanders. And that’s why we favour soft shackles and have pushed our engineers and field testers hard to develop the strongest soft shackles possible.  Saber Offroad, stand behind the strength and safety of our products.

More than that, Sabre products meet all applicable standards and are always labelled accordingly. We want you to be as confident in Sabre products as we are.


Sabre and their research and development team have worked hard to produce the world’s best recovery gear. Things like coatings on their ropes through to the metals they use in our accessories have been researched and selected because they’re the best solution for the job.

They use proprietary fibre which has allowed them to make products that are the toughest on the market. And, because they are stronger together, they work closely with the team at the Australian Automotive Innovation Centre (AIC) and  NATA testing labs to gives us access to first-rate testing machinery and engineering excellence to assist in the development of world-class products.


Sabre’s aim is to make sure their products are the strongest and longest lasting in the market. From the design of knots used on our soft shackles, through to bend radius on our recovery rings and more, they are constantly improving their products to make them the best in the world.

The reason Sabre research, develop and test so much is because they know our gear needs to perform in the harshest recovery situations, that’s why we make sure their products work well beyond their rated capacities to give you peace of mind.

What people are saying

I tend to drive a little heavy on the go pedal. I think i’m going to need a break upgrade now. The team at Roo Systems – Diesel Tuning Specialists ran a ECU map on my 2013 4*4 BT-50. The acceleration is smoother and i can’t feel the dead spots that have been in the car since i bought it. The gear changes are significantly smoother too. 17% more torque & 29% more power. That means that the BT-50 is twice as large and more carrying capacity than a 2020 Toyota Corolla XSE. So worth the money. Maybe i should look at the other upgrades they can do…

Nathan DMazda BT 50

Great service, Chris took the time to explain everything too me before the work was completed. On collection he showed me the work (fuel system) and advised when the filters should be replaced, and where to buy replacements. Great experience at very competitive prices.

James MToyota Hilux D4D

I had a NPC heavy duty clutch kit installed in my Toyota Hilux 4×4 diesel. They had it done by the agreed time and it functions as promised. So, all up I drove off with a smile on my face.

Ron KToyota Hilux D4D

Had my 2015 Grand Cherokee diesel ECU tuned in Nov 2018 with a not so satisfactory result, then in late Feb. the general manager phoned me and asked me to bring the car back so they could have another go at it. This time, all good – plenty of power (208hp) and torque (501nM) at the wheels and economy has improved also. Thanks for making things right. 

Peter WJeep Grand Cherokee

Got my 2013 Navara upgraded with the re-mapping and the 3″ exhaust…it’s like I’ve got a new ute. Power and pick-up is great; haven’t tried it with a heavy load in tow as yet, but will do that soon. The upgrade didn’t come cheap, but you get what you pay for. Service was great; staff very friendly; even got a lift to the station after I dropped the car off.

John SaundersNissan Navara

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