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Stupid Cars, Stupider Mates

When you’ve got three blokes together an off-road drag race is inevitable
Camped up for the night at Eddie’s Beach, a little earlier the extra power got me out of a bind when I started sinking below the low-tide mark at the Coloured Sands (the only way to get through)
TOW TEST Volkswagen Amarok V6, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara & Isuzu D-Max VS Mercedes Unimog
ECU Remapping 101
4WD Diesel Oil Catch Can

Catchin' Oil

Modern diesels are a hell of a thing. They’ll fly down a dusty track faster than ever, sip fuel like it’s the last tank they’ll ever have, and pack a punch that’ll muscle around campers and caravans heavier than ever thought possible.
If your trailer brakes are locked up they’re not helping, have them applied as strong as possible for the situation without risking a lock-up

Drop The Anchor

When it comes to serious off-road towing there’s plenty of rules and tips and tricks people keep in mind. We all know to keep a longer gap between vehicles in front as our stopping distances are drastically increased...