Fuel Managers

Roo Systems Fuel Manager is a unique, modular diesel fuel filter/water separator system that features a complete range of modules and features to meet your diesel filtration needs. Whether you have a mechanical pump or a common rail diesel vehicle, Roo Systems has the right pre-filter/water separator for your needs. Our filtration kits have a header attached to a 30 Micron pre-filter/water separator element that removes water and other contaminants.4WD-Fuel-Manager

Dirty fuel and poor quality is becoming an increasingly widespread problem especially with common-rail diesel engines. Any moisture or contaminants allowed to pass through into the fuel system can potentially damage injectors, pumps and other expensive components, and with injectors costing up to $9,000 per set to replace, the price of repairing this damage can become a very expensive exercise.

Our Fuel Manager kits consists of a 30 micron diesel pre-fuel filter designed to eliminate expensive engine damage by reducing fuel contaminants that could potentially cause blockages if allowed to pass through to the original 4 micron filter found in most OEM common-rail diesel engines.

The Fuel Manager kit is easily fitted to any common-rail engine as a primary filter to clean dirty fuel before it reaches the system components, and acts as an agglomerator, causing moisture to form droplets of water and collect into a Perspex drain bowl before it has the opportunity to become hazardous. The Perspex bowl allows the filter to function effectively while avoiding damage that can occur in glass by elements such as frost and stones.

Manager Kit comes with all necessary parts, including an American made Barricade Fuel Injection Hose, which features a five layer Aramid fibre reinforcement and is designed to withstand prolonged use with all fuel blends, including aggressive mixtures such as bio-diesel and ethanol fuel.

As an optional extra, a Terrain Tamer Water Indicator is also available to accompany the Fuel Manager, for immediate notification if contaminated fuel is detected.

Roo Systems Pre-Filter Kit

Pre filter kits are designed for extra protection in late model Common Rail Diesel engines where the tolerances are such that any contamination “Water or Dirty Fuel” can cause the injectors to fail costing the end user thousands of dollars in repair bills.
We have Pre Filter Kits available for late model popular 4WD applications and they consist of:

  • 1x Filter Assembly
  • 1x Spare Filter
  • 1x Fuel Hose
  • 1x Bracket
  • 1x Fitting Kit (Bolts, Nuts, Hose Clamps)
  • 1x Fitting Instructions

Applications available Diesel Common Rail application only


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