ECU Remapping & Exhaust System

ECU (factory computer) tuning refers to the process of replacing the original factory installed map used by the ECU of the vehicle to a custom tuned version.

QUESTION: Do vehicle manufacturers do this?
ANSWER: Yes they do – read on!

Do you think that there is a difference between the stock/base, mid-spec and the luxury sports model variants of vehicles?
Do you think you get a different engine with every facelift of a car?

Manufacturers build an engine and design it to give optimum power and performance, they are governed by many factors, saleability, economy, emissions etc.

If we look at an average road car in the form of Audi and the 2.0TFSi we can see that this model is sold globally at different levels including 180hp, 200hp, 210hp, 220hp, 225hp, 240hp, 265hp, 280hp and 300hp. The reasoning behind this is to sell as many units as possible. You build an engine to be powerful, then you strangle the power out of the engine and sell it at a much lower level, maybe for a base model. You then add sports trim and new wheels and “Voila!” you have a brand new car ? No! you have a new variant but its another unit for the manufacturer to sell.

You also have the global thirst for emissions and taxation brackets which in many cases would rule out certain engine varieties due to higher power outputs and emissions yet with a simple software alteration these issues can be fixed and again, another avenue for the manufacturer to go down.

The benefits?

  • More power
  • Greater Torque
  • Better fuel economy
  • Enhanced, sharper throttle response
  • Smoother, more progressive delivery of power
  • Reliable and safe way to power up your 4WD

Process of remapping a vehicle is usually one to two day process (most same day), as every tune is customised to each vehicle and not all ECU’s are identical in the same model vehicles.

ECU remapping is a complex and comprehensive procedure to alter a number of key parameters in the vehicle’s ECU including; injection timing, boost control, fuel delivery and torque limiters to name a few. The gains you will experience is a substantial increase in power and torque by up to 40% that develops a much smoother and more responsive driving experience for your 4WD. Another significant benefit you will experience is a fuel saving of up to 20%. All this extra power, torque and economy are achieved while still staying within the factory safety parameters and backed up by our own Roo Systems 5 year warranty.

Roo Systems has been carrying out research and development for the past seven years to refine ECU tuning to suit most of the popular 4WD vehicles to suit Australian conditions before launching into market (with many more makes and models to come), so you can be assured that our tunes are at the pinnacle of quality to suit your diesel 4WD.

ECU tuning can be carried out at our Roo Systems head office in Banyo Brisbane or at a selected Roo Systems premium dealer Australia Wide. For more information on what Roo Systems can do to your diesel 4WD call our national sales hotline 1300 305 709.