Want to STOP Fast?…Brakes
AMMS/Roo Performance is the market leaders in brake diagnosis and repairs. Our long standing direct relationship with manufacturing leaders such as Bendix, RDA and Maxistop, means there’s no compounding markups.
We’ve passed stringent professional criteria and maintained this benchmark, giving us authorised status, a milestone that many of our counterparts have not been able to achieve.
AMMS/Roo Performance has ongoing staff training so, rest assured, we have the expertise to fix your vehicle with the best parts available the first time.

The service we provide for you in our workshop, are:
– On car disc machining
– Disc & drum machining
– Flywheels machining
– Brake pipes
– As well as new brake pads
– Disc rotors
– Brake shoes
– Hydraulics and the list goes on


AMMS/Roo Performance leads the way in clutch diagnosis and repairs.  We have an excellent relationship manufacturer, Exedy (formally Daiken Clutches), so expect the best price.

Exedy Australia markets a comprehensive range of clutch products to cover most vehicle categories available.

There are clutch kits to suit Japanese, American, European and Australian passenger vehicles as well as a number of cover assemblies and clutch plates, both standard and performance, assembled in our Melbourne production facility.



SPORTS TUFF meets the demands of amateur and professional circuit drift, rally drag racing.

The Heavy Duty (HD suffix) clutch kits are perfectly suited for use in lightly modified vehicles or vehicles carrying loads used for daily driving or in amateur motor sports activities. A high performance clutch cover with increased clamp load which will transmit an increase in engine torque is included in these kits with an organic clutch disc creating a performance clutch kit with smooth take off drivability.


For serious 4X4 enthusiasts, EXEDY’s enhanced design and material specifications give you the confidence to attack the (beaten) track! The EXEDY Safari Tuff clutch range has been purposely engineered to meet the demands of serious four wheel driving.

The EXEDY Safari Tuff Clutch Kit comprises a purpose engineered cover assembly which boasts a minimum 25% increase in clamp load in comparison to standard. The cover assembly also features an anodized cover pressing to limit corrosion, spheroidal graphite anti burst pressure plate casting and additional drive straps.

The Safari Tuff Kit also comprises a high quality clutch disc which has upgraded damper springs and premium grade friction materials.

The Safari Tuff range has been designed by EXEDY in one of the world’s most comprehensive facilities and extensively tested in some of the toughest four wheel drive races in the world by champions in the Australian Safari, Malaysian Rainforest Challenge and the Xtreme Winch Challenge.

– A minimum of 25% increase in clamp load – comfortable pedal feel
– Anodized for maximum corrosion resistance
– Spheroidal graphite anti burst casting – high burst strength
– Additional drive straps
– Easy identification against imitations.
– Upgraded damper springs
– Premium grade friction material
– Increased torque capacity
– Improved endurance and durability.


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