Roo Enhanced Vehicles just got a whole lot cooler

VDJ-76-4: Traditionally turbo-diesels ran bulky top-mount intercoolers which made servicing a pain, but packaging easy
Colorado Z71-30: Modern 4x4s typically run front mount intercoolers. The design of a diesel makes turbo-lag a non-issue and cooling is far improved
Ford-Ranger-Kit-Stealth-Black_preview: PWR coolers are available in polished and stealth black to suit your needs
pwi538602_1024: DIY installs are available or your local Roo dealer can install professionally for you

Colorado Z71-30 PWR Intercooler

We’re often asked why we do what we do at Roo Systems. Why we tune a certain way, why we do set modifications, and why we always push preventative maintenance so hard. The answer is pretty simple actually, we want the best of the best, and so do you.

Over the years we’ve made no secret we’ll always go above and beyond to work with top quality companies and components, never being scared to end a relationship if it meant our customers weren’t getting the absolute best gear they can get for their adventures. It’s something we’ve shown from the companies we partner with for tuning, right through to the accessories and lighting we use and recommend. We build 4WDs to go further, use less fuel, make more power, and reliably take on the most remote corners, of the most isolated continent in the world. Failure isn’t an option.

To kick 2018 off with a bang we’re kicking things up a gear with one of our biggest partnerships yet. The end result are some of the highest quality intercoolers on the market, built by the best of the best, designed to suit your needs by the team at Roo. The new range of Roo Enhanced Vehicles intercoolers are expertly built right around the corner by the team at PWR and are the perfect upgrade for anyone chasing more power, reliability, or towing heavy loads.



PWR have been employing local tradesmen to build some of the finest high-performance cooling systems on the planet for the better part of three decades, but if their name isn’t familiar there’s a damn good reason why. The overwhelming majority of their work finds its way into some of the most amazing machinery on the face of the planet, not the shelves of the local auto parts store. Their expertise and products are responsible for keeping temperatures down in races all across the globe, from V8 Supercars at Mt Panorama, to NASCAR in the heart of Dixie and Formula 1 everywhere else. They’ve been called in as problem solvers whenever companies like Porsche or Aston Martin need something special for a limited edition super car and have pounded out countless corrugations in off-road races right here in Australia. Running a PWR intercooler is a little like having a NASA tuned ride-on-lawn-mower. You can’t get any better.  They’re the perfect partner for Roo Systems.

PWR Intercoolers by R.E.V


Just about every modern turbo-diesel 4WD will have a factory intercooler either nestled inside the front bumper, or bolted to the top of the motor. But like everything stock, it’s rarely up to the tasks of what you want your 4WD to do. Aftermarket coolers like the Roo Enhanced Vehicles setups work similarly to the stock offering. They take superheated intake air from the turbocharger and cool it down to provide a denser charge for your engine. That’s where the similarities end.

Factory intercoolers are built to do two things. Keep the suburban buyers happy doing the school drop off, and be made as cheap as possible without causing warranty issues. Aftermarket options allow us to design the very best system for each particular make and model. It allows us to build intercoolers to the optimum sizes for extended touring and towing, significantly knocking down intake temperatures in the process. That alone means safer operating temperatures, and depending on how restrictive the stock unit was more power straight out of the box. Better manufacturing methods and the benefits of seeing what’s gone wrong with factory offerings means we’re able to address weak points too giving improved reliability for remote touring. Think of it like hitting the tracks on a 20c day instead of a 40c day and you’re on the money

While some 4WDs will notice a performance increase straight away, the major benefit is the additional tools it gives us when tuning. Denser air means more fuel can be added and more power created while still running safe air/fuel ratios. They’re part of the overall package that’ll give your 4WD more grunt, better performance, and improved reliability.


R.E.V Intercoolers by PWR

While PWR are world famous for their factory and aftermarket intercoolers it’s far from the only trick up their or our sleeves. We’re able to install or supply as kits the full range of PWR componentry. From aluminium radiators to suit anything from late model 79s right back to 60 Series Cruisers. There’s also a range of accessories with oil cooler kits, upgraded heat exchangers and thermos fans to help make your 4WD last the distance.