Let’s Talk 4WD Exhaust

Thinking of having your 4WD Exhaust serviced? Let’s talk about a diesel oxidation catalyst or DOC. A DOC is a mechanism that uses a chemical procedure to decrease pollution from the exhaust fumes of your diesel engine by up to 70%. Many leading …read more.

When You Need Service in Banyo, Try This 4wd Specialist Mechanic

Driving a 4wd requires special consideration and skill, and every owner knows it. It only makes sense then, that you’d ask for the same criteria in your mechanic. Any professional who you approach for 4wd service in Banyo should be a person you can …read more.

Find a Specialist 4wd Mechanic to Provide Service in Brisbane Northside

You don’t drive a diesel-powered vehicle like a 4wd with a casual attitude. If you own such a vehicle, you demand more from your car than many of the drivers around you. You care about things like torque and exhaust, and you’re always searching for …read more.

Count on Roo Systems and Our Brisbane Mechanics for Your 4WD Servicing

When you bought your 4WD, it likely came with recommended log book servicing intervals and specifications from the manufacturer. Particularly if you are putting your vehicle to extreme and demanding uses, it’s important to follow these log book …read more.

Your 4×4 Deserves a Specialist: Locate a Mechanic to Provide Service in Banyo Today

When you sit in your 4×4, you want to have total faith in the driving experience you’re about to have. You want to know that your vehicle will respond to your every command so that you can traverse even the region’s most demanding terrain without so …read more.

Need a 4×4 Mechanic for Service? Find a Specialist in Brisbane Northside Today

There are plenty of advantages to owning a 4×4, especially if you’re the kind of person who enjoys the thrill of driving a powerful vehicle. A well-maintained 4×4 can take you practically anywhere, handling difficult terrain with ease and …read more.

Spot Little Issues before They Become Big Issues, with Regular 4×4 Servicing from the Right Mechanic in Brisbane

Perhaps your 4×4 is due for a routine log book service, or maybe you’ve been having some performance issues and want to find out what might be causing the problem. Either way, having a 4×4 mechanic in Brisbane who you can count on for quality …read more.

Things You Should Know before Taking Your 4WD for Repairs in Brisbane Northside

Some people purchase a 4WD for its aesthetic appeal while others buy them to tackle challenging terrains such as mud hills and swamps. Of course, some people acquire a 4×4 because they’re famously resilient, but even the most durable of vehicles …read more.

Maximise the Performance of Your 4×4, with the Help of 4WD Specialists from Brisbane’s Roo Systems

If you’ve been longing to get more power and better fuel economy out of your 4×4, then it might be time to see a 4WD specialist in Brisbane. The question is, who has the experience, the reputation, and the sheer knowledge of 4×4 upgrades to help you …read more.

Don’t Be Fooled: Tuning Boxes are Not the Same as Chip Tuning

If you’ve heard about tuning boxes and think you might want to install one over receiving a chip tuning, think twice. These are plug-in devices that must stay connected to continue working, and although many companies will say a tuning box …read more.

Get More out of Your 4×4, with Custom Diesel Performance Chips from Brisbane’s Roo Systems

Are you tired of struggling to maintain legal road speeds when towing large loads, or struggling to get up large hills without your diesel engine refusing to give you the power you need to maintain speed? Are you tired of getting left in the dust by …read more.

Contact Our Professionals for Diesel ECU Remapping in Brisbane and Tuning

If you’ve adored cars since you were a child, whether it’s because of their look or sheer power, your vehicle is no doubt your pride and joy. You might have saved for years to buy the sports car or 4×4 of your dreams, in which case you probably take …read more.

The Benefits of ECU Remapping and Diesel Tuning in Melbourne

Some people only drive cars out of necessity, either because their workplace is too far away to reach by public transport or they need to take their kids to school on rainy days – or both. However, many avid motorists take driving a little more …read more.

Why You Should Trust Us for Diesel ECU Tuning and Remapping in Sydney

Many people in Sydney would agree that there’s nothing more entertaining than taking a 4WD for a spin over challenging terrains or round a track, especially those who have the latest models that can climb steep hills, traverse swamps, and tackle hard …read more.

What to Expect with Dyno Tuning

Do you want to increase your gas mileage? Would you like more overall power? Maybe your vehicle is surging, pinging, or missing. In any of those cases, you may be interested in Dyno tuning. This is basically engine tuning done methodically, step …read more.