High Performance LED Light Bars designed by Baja Designs

World number 1 in offroad performance LED lighting. Roo Systems is the sole Australian Distributor for Baja Designs LED lights.

With over 30 years of off road racing and engineering experience, Baja Designs is the leader in high performance off road lighting technology. Our line of high performance LED lights and LED light bars offer the highest quality LEDs currently available combined with the finest optics and race proven durability. Each LED light and LED light bar has been hand-crafted and assembled in the USA. The CNC machined, billet extrusion offers a rock solid housing to securely hold each LED, lens and precision engineered optics firmly in place to ensure a long life and superior performance under extreme conditions.

Each Baja Designs LED is hand selected to operate at the optimal light colour temperature of 5,000k for increased off road and on road terrain recognition. Each LED light features a machined aluminium heat sink, microprocessor controlled thermal feedback loop and a copper core board to efficiently transfer heat from the LED element to the heat sink. We are the only LED light manufacturer that uses this 3-step thermal management system to ensure heat will not damage your LED light.

Baja Designs line of high performance LED light bars and LED lights offer the highest quality CREE LEDs currently available combined with the finest optics and heavy duty durability. Our engineering, racing, driving and riding experience translate into the brightest and most efficient lights available.

Baja Designs Stealth LED light bar is the epitome of power vs. size. Featuring the XP-G LED system, the Stealth LED light bar produces an outstanding 4,200 lumens per 10


Baja Designs is a leading manufacturer and distributor of trusted LED light bars for trucks and other vehicles. We are dedicated to providing the best in LED light bars to illuminate your nighttime travels and adventures! Our lighting technology has been proven by members of the racing community and off-road enthusiasts alike. Due to our expertise, our engineers have become known as the “scientists of lighting”. In 2005, we were the first company to develop a truck LED light bar, which evolved into the S8, OnX, and the OnX Six lines of high-performance LED light bars. Our products are brilliantly engineered for optimum performance every time. Each LED light bar for trucks and other vehicles features unique replaceable lenses, allowing you to replace damaged lenses or install different lighting patterns to suit your needs. Our precision optics place light exactly where you need it.

Our LED light bars range in size from 8″ to 60″ and include options for all types of vehicles, including LED light bars for trucks, Jeeps, UTVs, military vehicles, marine applications, and more, to meet as many needs as possible. We stand behind our products and their ability to provide cutting edge performance, smooth light dispersion, for night driving or to improve your daytime profile. Keep yourself safe, alert other drivers to your presence, and illuminate the scenery for reduced driver eye fatigue when you use a 5000K LED light bar from Baja Designs.

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