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About Roo Systems

Roo Systems
Meet the magic behind Roo Systems

Roo Systems has been 19 years in the making with careful consideration in selecting who partners with our business. Roo System’s is the brain child of Glen Hadden from AMMS in Brisbane, who has combined his many years of diesel knowledge with highly skilled staff, expert 4X4 chip manufacturers and cutting edge ECU programmers to achieve the best diesel performance upgrade packages available in the market today.

Included in the ROO team are notable mechanical and technical specialists Wayne Daniels and Glen Ebert with a combined experience of over 40 years in dyno & performance motorsport tuning, these guys head up the Roo Systems research and development for both chip and ECU remapping products. Glen Hadden handpicks his staff to develop the best performance packages because he understands first-hand the demanding quality and performance needs of the 4WD diesel upgrade industry.

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