R & D


Here at Roo Systems, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and services that will perform and do as we claim in “Real World” situations. That is, Australian Real World situations outside of an office or workshop.

ECU Remap


The R&D team designing the ROO custom diesel chip and ECU remap (flash tune) have researched all available tuning products world-wide and we know we have got the best possible packages for your 4WD.



Our Roo Systems 3″ exhaust system, developed in-house after years of rigorous testing , modifying and upgrading, have been proven to outperform many aftermarket 2.5″ systems allowing the kit to get more out of your diesel 4WD than ever before.

4WD Services


The team behind Roo Systems are passionate about getting your 4×4 diesel performance upgrade right the first time, taking the time to load the best custom diesel tune with the right exhaust, to ensure the best result.


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